Welcome to Northumbria Pharma

NNorthumbria Pharma is a dynamic and innovative, European based pharmaceutical company specialising in the research, development, manufacture and licensing  of pharmaceutical products, ranging from  new chemical entities  to generic formulations.

Patient safety and satisfaction lie at the heart of our ethos and existence. Our purpose is to ensure the robust development and reliable supply of crucial and trusted pharmaceutical products in order to add true value to patients and healthcare professionals.

Northumbria Pharma is fortunate to be led by a team  key decision makers who have extensive experience and expertise within the pharmaceutical industry. Our entrepreneurial spirit drives us to deliver high quality services that create meaningful benefits to companies, patients and healthcare professionals.

Project Northumbria Pharma Accelerated Expansion

The project was to support the investment in laboratory equipment that would increase the laboratory capability and capacity enabling the accelerated growth of Northumbria Pharma. It is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development